Types, Characteristics and Uses of Paper

There are several kinds of paper which are used in executing various activities such as drawing, tracing, printing, calligraphy etc. Papers are available in an extensive range of sizes, thicknesses, and finishes, as well as in differing degrees of quality, permanence, and durability. A particular type can often be used for another purpose. Print papers, for example, can be used with acrylics, and many graphics papers are ideal for drawing. Keep in mind, however, that certain sheets have poor ageing characteristics and should not be used for permanent fine artwork.

1. Art Paper- This is a smooth, high gloss, coated paper with both sides coated with Kaolin. It is used for making calendars, brochures, covers for magazines, labels, book jackets etc.

2. Bond Paper-This is a strong printing material that has been given a plate finish. It has good durability and strength. Its stiffness is good and has a good erasing quality. It also has an excellent ink-receptive quality. It is used for drawing, printing, making of letterheads, magazines, notebooks, brochures etc. Watercolours and permanent markers can be used on it with success.

3. Bank Paper- This is a thin, smooth, light-weight paper usually white though some are coloured. They are used for producing currency notes.

4. Brown Paper- This is a strong, buff coloured sheet that has great tensile strength. It is used for making envelopes, covering notebooks and for wrapping items.

5. Blotting paper- This is fairly strong and glossy used for producing flowers.

6. Cartridge Paper- This is strong, heavy stock, and textured. It is also coarse, off white, absorbent and thicker than bond sheet. It is used for drawing, making prints, book covers and poster work.

7. Carbon Paper- This is a thin material that is either coated at one side or both sides with a dry impressionable ink. It is used to produce identical copies of original documents.

8. Cardboard- This is a thicker, stiffer material that comes in a variety of colours and weight. It is used for producing boxes, books and packages.

9. Cover stock- This refers to any heavyweight paper that can be used for binding magazines, brochures, booklets etc.

10. Chrome Coat
This is a type of glossy paper that has been coated with chrome at one side of the paper.

11. Copier Paper- This type is used for making a photocopy. It can be used in photocopiers and fax machines.

12. Chipboard- This is a heavy, stiff paper with off white glossy side at one part and an ash (grey) side. It is used for making packages, book covers etc.

13. Textured paper: This type has one texture at one side and the other side is smooth. The eggshell is textured like an eggshell while basket paper is textured like a basket. The duplex has both sides textured.

14. Manilla board: This is stiff, sturdy, and smooth usually white though others are coloured. They are used as surfaces drawing, the making of folders, flat files, book covers etc.

15. Newsprint: This is a weak, grey coloured paper which turns brownish after some time. It is used for producing newspapers, handbills, exercise books, telephone directory, jotters, proof prints etc.

16. Rice Paper: This is a very absorbent paper from the Orientals.

17. Sugar Paper: Like the rice paper, it is very absorbent. It is very good for printing, painting etc. They are mostly black and grey.

18. Wall Paper: This is a type of paper coated with multiple colours or floral designs used for decorating walls.

19. Straw board: This is a very strong, stiff board in grey colour. It is made of straw pulp.

20. Antique paper: This is a type of printing paper having good bulk and opacity with rough or matt surface.

21. Tracing paper: This is a strong, light weight, transparent paper used for tracing or transferring images from one surface onto another.