Andre Kirk Agassi – Go Out, Do Good

Have you got a name of any famous pro athletes that can act as role models for kids? Pull the name of Andre Agassi to the top list. Andre Agassi, one of the greatest players in the tennis history sporting a hairstyle with head as smooth as a tennis clay court, had won more than 850 singles matches. He had also won 60 titles, 8 Grand Slams and a 1996 Olympic Gold Medal. Noted as the most remarkable player of his time, Andre Agassi turned pro in 1986. He was still 18 years old when he ranked 4th top tennis player in the world. A model of persistence and now a part of popular culture, Andre Agassi, on and off the court is folklore in tennis and charity works.

The children’s extension of life and hope: the projects of Andre Agassi

The nation’s progress starts with the children being developed as achievers. With the No Child Left Behind policy of America, Andre Agassi seeks to fulfill his own version of the No Child Left Behind reality. He seeks to supplement the program on his own. Note that all of the programs were carefully handpicked and sustained for long years. The success of Agassi turned out not only focus on his career but ran in parallel with the lives of other children he had welcomed and supported through his foundation. Making this world a better place for children to live, we focus on Andre Agassi and his dreams in progress.

The Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation

Andre Kirk Agassi is the founder of the Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation. The professional player founded the foundation in 1994. The foundation’s mission is to provide educational and recreational opportunities of at-risk children. It has given hope for thousands of children to enhance character and self-esteem to be more successful in their lives. The success of the organization is made possible by the help of volunteers and donors who have willingly and wholeheartedly given their time, money and resources to fulfill the organization’s goals. The organization with its limited resources, hand picked their partners and beneficiaries with the belief that supporting limited number of organizations has its greatest impact to developing and supplementing worthy programs to further their missions for at-risk youth assistance.

The Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy

Agassi Prep offers academic programs focus on individualized learning structure with the use of technology in the classroom. It has a very small classroom size but requires parent and community involvement to support the task of character building, motivation, respect and self-discipline. The academy was opened in 2001 serving the 3rd, 4th and 5th grades only at that time. The final campus development was completed in 2007. Agassi Prep is now a K-12 campus. The Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy is a charter school at the heart of Las Vegas.

The Andre Agassi Boys & Girls Club

Created in 1997, the club was designed to provide activities which are models of physical, educational and social growth. It sits on a 25,000 square foot facility complete with a library and a computer laboratory. A teen center was created to help out with the different needs of the club including an indoor club basketball court and three outdoor tennis courts. A large bulk of the foundation’s money was directed to the construction, capital improvements and programs of the club. The two most active programs are Team Agassi junior tennis program and Agassi Stars youth basketball program. The aim is to tap their skills and talents to help them obtain college scholarships.

Boys Hope/ Girls Hope

Boys Hope/ Girls Hope serve underprivileged children whose parents or guardians are not capable of providing and caring for their needs. Children between the ages of 9 to 14 with problems on poverty or neglect, drug abuse or whose parents may want to care but are unable to do so, lives in this family-like environment. This is a place they call home. Agassi’s boys and girls are being treated like his own children and are being taken cared of by full time staff. Donations for this community go to the food, clothing, medical and dental cost, tuition, recreational, counseling and tutoring needs. Budget disbursements also include other everyday expenses including college scholarships. When families seem to send their children to the street and has every potential to destroy their lives, Agassi picks them up and give them a loving family-like atmosphere in the Boys Hope/ Girls Hope.

Child Haven

Changing the world to a better one, Andre Agassi supported Child Haven. Child Haven opened its arms 24 hours a day to children 3 days to 18 years old who were abused or neglected. They find protection and solace in Child Haven until a safe home is found. Child Haven is located in Clark County.

Class! Publications

Class! Publication is a free teen focus monthly newsletter distributed at Clark County high schools. About 400 to 500 high school students work on its content to give it more appropriate topics for their growing estimated 40,000 current number of readers. The Publication also offers internship programs and three workshops every year. Agassi’s foundation supports the cause of the children and is determined to influence the lives of the youth for their personal career development and growth.

Cynthia Bunker and Joy McClenahan Memorial Scholarships

This was named in memory of Andre Agassi’s childhood friend Cynthia Bunker. Joy McClenahan was said to be a dedicated volunteer and long time supporter of the organization. The scholarship is intended for those who are enrolled in the College of Fine and Performing Arts in the University of Nevada.

Greater Las Vegas After-School All Stars

The organization aims to provide free programs to children belonging to low-socioeconomic communities. These programs keep children from drugs and other negative influence in life they may get from their immediate environment. The program is designed to coach and teach life skills. Andre Agassi had figured it out. To be productive and an achiever, there is the urgency to help develop the confidence and build the self esteem of these children.

I have a dream foundation

IHAD reaches out to low income communities. IHAD seeks to empower children through long term mentoring, tutoring and enrichment. The mission is to help these “Dreamers” slowly progress in their dreams to being successful individuals. The organization acts as their backbone giving academic support, personal and cultural experience and related recreational activities.

Las Vegas Philharmonic Youth Concert Series

The program is designed for children to appreciate music and arts by being the performers themselves. They performed in a concert like setting in order to experience what it is like to be a performer in a full symphony orchestra.

Las Vegas Sun Camp Fund

A summer camp experience for underprivileged deserving students! This fun, socially enriching program has already benefited children ages 8 to 15 coming from foster care of single parent families since 1970.

Operation School Bell

Children shop for free at Operation School Bell. They choose from racks of new clothing and shoes. They also receive a backpack and personal hygiene kit for free. The cost is yours donors. Thank you for helping these children. The new wardrobe ultimately gives them the confidence and the interest to stay in school.

YMCA of Southern Nevada

YMCA program “Building a Stronger Tomorrow” was supported by Andre Agassi’s foundation. The effort was designed to renovate the facility and construct a new playground and outdoor aquatic center. YMCA opens programs to interested applicants whether they are able to pay or not.