What is an Ebook?

An ebook, (short for electronic book), is a book published in electronic form.

Similar to regular books, an electronic book can include text and illustrations. For the most part, any thing you can put into a regular book you can add to an ebook. In addition to text and illustrations, you can also include audio, video and internet links within your ebook. The final product is limited only by the imagination of the writer.

What is an ebook? – Text!

Like a written book, an eBook can be made up of mostly text. You can create fiction, non-fiction, romance, or really any category the author desires. You can create a 300 page novel or a 20 page short story. It can be a complete training manual on how to flatten your stomach or just a 5 page report on specific exercises to lose the midsection.

In March of 2000, Stephen King published his novel “Riding the Bullet” and published it exclusively as an ebook! This helped bring attention and popularity to ebooks throughout the internet community. You may not be the next Stephen King, but you certainly have the ability to create your own ebook.

What is an ebook? – Illustrations!

According to Wikipedia, an illustration is visualization such as a drawing, painting, photograph or other work of art that stresses subject more than form. As far as ebooks are concerned, you can create or read content made up predominately of illustrations.

• Drawings: There are endless amounts of ebooks pertaining to drawings. For example; drawings of people, animals, cartoons, construction drawings, medical drawings and the list goes on and on. You can even create ‘how to draw’ ebooks.

• Paintings: Like drawings, there seems to be a never-ending list of ebooks about paintings, paintings of famous people, famous places, nature, portraits and the list continues. There are also ‘how to paint’ ebooks.

• Photos: You can create an eBook of mostly photos. For example; you can create your very own personalized photo album. This can be a photo album of family, favorite animals, vacation spots – whatever is of interest to you. If you can take a picture of it, you can view it in an ebook.

What is an ebook? – Audio and video!

• Audio: When creating ebooks you can even include audio. You can include background noises or an entire voice presentation. Actually, your entire ‘ebook’ can be audio and then it can be downloaded so you can listen to your ebook.

• Video: Yes, even video can be included in ebooks. You can create an entire course using video and then download it within an ebook. You can create your own video eBook for business or just for fun.

What is an ebook? – Internet links!

Within an eBook you can have links to a particular website. So, you can be reading your book, click on a link and end up on the internet. For example, if you’re reading an eBook about home schooling, you may click on a link that takes you to a home schooling website for additional information.

What is an ebook? – Summary

An eBook is a digital product created on one computer and distributed to others mainly via the internet. It can have a cover, title, chapters and pages. Your eBook can consist of text, illustrations, audio, video and links to websites. Ebooks can be very simple, straightforward text or extremely dynamic and completely interactive with the internet.