Vivid Forms of Haitian Art

Haitian art continues to receive significant praise around the world. Haiti has also enjoyed a measure of commercial success with its artwork. One component in many paintings is the joy depicted. Haitian culture has also been influenced by French colonization. The French have influenced the language, architecture, interior decorating and various art forms. In the 1820s, many French artists trained and promoted Haitian artists. Some well-known Haitian artists still notable today include Numa Desroches, Colbert Lochard, Archibald Lochard, and Thimoleon Dejoie. Many of the artists were self-taught. Much of the work created by Haitian artists captures the radiance and reflection of Haitian life.

Haitian art consists of mostly visual arts, such as paintings, sculpture and metal arts. These art reflect a complex custom of African, French, Catholic and tribal Voodoo. It is mostly influenced by Voodoo. A great number of Paintings and sculptures portray some sort of Voodoo scenery, ceremony, and deities. Historic sceneries from the long rebellion against colonization and slavery are usually portrayed. The landscape of the country and the everyday life of its people are also important components of these paintings. Haitian Art came to survival well before the emergence of Haiti people. Haitians artists are the Ambassadors of the art forms of Haiti to the world. Sculptures, pots and various artifacts speak loud their culture through beautifully crafted art.

Haitian Art has influenced numerous art forms in the world and there have been numerous artists worthy of note, and these have introduced many art forms and styles. Various artists have acquired recognition. Haitians are very artistic natives and arts and cultural custom of them are crucial to the outlook of Haiti. The art forms are all intensely adorned with scenes and patterns in vibrant colors. Haitian art is unique and combines the art of African ancestors with French touch. Haitian artistic style varies broadly where as many modern Haiti painters focus in geometric shapes using bright colors. The styles of all the varieties of Haitian artwork are many and magnificent. The works of Haitian artists vary according to region. Haitian painting has been popular since the late 40’s and most regions have a traditional master whose style of painting has served as an motivation for the artists who have followed.

The paintings of Haitian provide the information on the arts, culture, and development of Haiti. The Haitian artwork demonstrates the creativity and spirit of the Haitian people. Brilliant colors, naive outlook and tricky hilarity illustrate Haitian art. The art of Haiti is an unusual wonderland of multiple meanings. These works, by Haitian artists of amazing talent, reflect the liveliness of spirit which provides the Haitian artist with the energy to continue to create. Haitian art is a celebration of life, the struggle, the humor, the joy and sorrow, the wonder and enigma of it all. Haitian Art continues to advance and it only portrays the beauty of past Haitian art and but also enabling artists to encourage, develop and nurture the next generation of great Haitian artists.