Types of Wall Hangings and Specific Uses

The history of wall hangings can be traced back to the 13th century. It is quite popular in the form of tapestries. It is one of the best ways to decorate homes, offices, temples and churches. It was used by various cultures in different forms in various countries all around the world. Found in the form of sculptures, murals, paintings and so forth, these exemplary works of art are popular even in the modern days. Today it is easy to find different types of sculpture and tapestries to decorate homes and offices. Most of these paintings have a meaning and a purpose which is exuded in these exclusive pieces of art.

Different Forms of Wall Hangings

It is important to choose the right type of wall hanging to suit the decor of your home or office. As mentioned earlier, there are different forms and varieties of artwork that can be installed in your homes and other places. Some of the most common varieties include the following.

Tapestries: One of the most common and popular variety include the tapestry. It is one of the traditional works of art which were used to depict events or stories in the ancient days. It is basically a densely woven piece of fabric which includes various designs and patterns that express a story or tale. In the early days, it was hand woven but today it is created in factories. However, there are skilled artisans who weave tapestries on the loom even today. It is one of the most beautiful varieties of decorations used to hang on the walls.

Quilt: Though basically used as bed covers, the quilts were also used to cover and decorate homes and offices. The quilt makers are proficient in their skill and weave some of the best collections that can be used as wall hangings. It can be hung neatly on tapestry rods or quilt hangers to embellish homes spaces. Today there are different types of paintings available in these quilts which are magnificent pieces of art.

Metal: Another type of decoration includes the metal hangings made of different types of metals which include steel, aluminum, wrought iron and so forth.

Wood: Wooden hangings are hugely popular with various styles, sizes and finishes. Wooden hangings are available in the form of carved hangings, modern letter hangings and sculptured pieces of art. It can be bought in various sizes including rectangular, square and customized forms of hangings according to the preferences of the customers.

Installation of Wall Hangings

The installation of these decorative pieces of art is equally important as choosing the best type of wall hanging that blends with the background beauty of your home. It is necessary to make a template of the tapestry before installing it in your home. Trace the outline of the tapestry and locate its hangers. Pierce the paper through the center of each hanger and then position it on the wall. Mark the holes with the pencil and install the hangers with the help of nails and screws.