Tourist Attractions of Buenos Aires and the Possibilities of Studying Spanish

Visiting a foreign country is always an exciting adventure. You get to know about different cultures, food, people and much more. But many times when you visit a foreign country, English is not their first language. Although people do know English, the number is limited. Because of this language barrier, we often fail to get to understand the culture in a better way. The same goes for Buenos Aires, the largest city in Argentina.

Argentina is known for many things, which is why people visit this country again and again. Its unique culture attracts people from different parts of the world to explore. The only barrier that keeps them from fully exploring is the language. Spanish is the local language spoken in Buenos Aires. It is the most popular place in Argentina and the best way to get to know about the culture is through its language.

Buenos Aires has many places to visit, especially related to its culture. The first one is Plaza de Mayo and Casa Rosada. These two places are famous for their colonial architecture and are also considered important in the history of Argentina. Many important historical events have taken place in this two-block plaza. The plaza is mesmerizing and catches your attention in seconds. The next place which is recommended to visit is the Recoleta Cemetery and Museum. It is known for its cemetery where famous Argentines are buried, a place close to the heart of every Argentine. It also has many cafes, public gardens and museums which preserve the belongings of Argentina’s great personalities and leaders. This is a place worth visiting if you want to know the country’s history.

If you are an artist or someone who is very creative, La Boca is the perfect place for you. La Boca is a very colorful neighborhood filled with graffiti and street art and also with adorned balconies. The neighborhood is painted with vibrant colors which represent Buenos Aires, filled with tango dancers and many other characters. The neighborhood also has an open-air museum called the Caminito Street Museum, which is a great tourist attraction. Buenos Aires also has a more formal or a typical museum known as Museum of Decorative Arts which is situated in Quinquela Martin which consists of a beautiful collection of 20th century Argentine artists.

Buenos Aires is well known for its history. Having a rich history is the main reason it has a lot of historical museums which depict it as much as possible. The Argentines are proud of their history as well as their nation. They are also art lovers which is why you can also find a lot of art museums and theatres there, the Colon Theatre being the most popular one. It premieres stunning ballets, operas and classical music performances. A true theatre lover will never pass it by. Buenos Aires also has a cathedral, the Metropolitan Cathedral, built in the Renaissance, which dates back to the 16th century. There is also a place in Buenos Aires called “The Block of Enlightenment” which was considered a learning center there.

Buenos Aires is a must to visit if you love art and history. People from all over the world come here for these reasons. There are many spectacular places to visit in Buenos Aires other than these, but if you truly love art and history, then this location is for you.