Street Fighting Moves – The 7 Secrets to Effectively Using Pepper Spray and Why You Should Know Them

One of the first principles in obtaining and possessing a weapon is knowing how to use it.  Pepper spray is one of the few easily accessible designated weapons that is not only simple to carry and very effective – but only – if you know how to use it properly.

The 7 Secrets To Effectively Using Pepper Spray

Secret #1 – Step To The Outside of Your Opponent’s Face – This first secret is all about positioning.  When you spray, take your right foot and step to the outside of your opponent’s right foot, thus moving your body to the outside of his instead of standing directly in front of him.  So, when he screams and grabs for his face and momentarily tries to blindly extend his arms out toward you, he will be reaching for air.

Secret #2 – Make Your Follow Up Strikes “Below the Waist And Away from The Face” – When your opponent gets hit with the pepper spray in the face and in the eyes, his eyes lids will be forced shut through an autonomic muscular reflex.  He will not be able to open his eyes for several minutes.   But now, he has the burning chemicals of the spray on his hands and face. 

  • You want to avoid striking his face, as you will contaminate your hands.  Therefore, since your position is already to the side of him, your follow up strike could be either a knee stomp or a hammer fist to the back of the head.

Secret #3 – Use The Tip of The Metal Cylinder of The Key-Chain Type Pepper Spray As A Follow Up Strike To the Ribs – The container of the spray in and of itself is an expedient weapon.  After you spray and move to the side, strike him multiple times in the ribs with the tip of the metal cylinder container of the spray.

Secret #4 – Position Your “Non-Combatant” To The Side And The Back of You – A non-combatant is anyone who cannot be involved in the combat, such as your child or your spouse.  Instruct them beforehand that whenever you are in a potential self protection situation where you may have to use your pepper spray, that they position themselves to the left side and in back of you.

Secret #5 – Look For An Object Behind Your Assailant – Then Spray – Ideally, if you can position the altercation such that your opponent is standing in front of a box, crate or the edge of the sidewalk, when you spray and hit, he will fall backward over the object or off the sidewalk that is behind him.  When he falls back and onto the ground, follow up with knee stomps or ankle stomps so that you have incapacitated him from getting back up – even though he still can’t see anything.

Secret #6 – Practice Your Pepper Spray Techniques Using “Silly Spray” – You’ve seen that stringy foam that is sprayed from the cans that children use at parties and gatherings.  I just call it “silly spray”.  Since you can’t practice your techniques with real spray, use this kids party spray as a substitute to validate the effectiveness of your techniques when you practice with a partner.

Secret #7 -Always Spray Your Opponent’s Face With The Wind And Never Against The Wind – You want to avoid spraying into the wind so that the spray doesn’t blow back into your face!