Photography Tips – Nothing to Photograph? Visit Public and Historical Places!

Still not inspired for great photography? Don’t worry there are more great photography inspiration tips to come. You have already gone for inspiration walks, looked out your window, and you’ve even changed your point of view yet still you find yourself wanting more.

If you live in a farm far from city life, you might find this article’s inspiration tip to be a little more challenging, but you probably had more luck with the earlier tips than city folk do so it balances out here. Go to public places, public events, and historic places and you will find yourself running out to get a new memory card for your camera!

My favorite public city place is the zoo. While it is about a two hour trip from here in the suburbs, it is well worth the effort to photograph what you would never find in your backyard nor on your way to work. Exotic and rare animals are always interesting to the entire family. The rarer an animal is the more likely people will be searching for great photos of one too!

To get the best zoo photos try to go on a cloudy day. After it rains might be best for some exhibits. Many animals sleep in the afternoon in their shelters and are more active in the morning and evening yet most zoos close in the afternoon so you need to get there early. Hopefully you have a camera with a decent zooms. A poor zoom means your photos of many animals will just be too far away to impress. Be creative in getting the right angle to minimize the cage in your photos. People want to see animals not bars and fences.

Public events like holiday celebrations and fairs are great events to see things that inspire you and to take photos of. People as dark profiles can be very artistic. Many museums allow photos to be taken of exhibits as long as flash is turned off. When you look at artwork in a museum, ask yourself if you have tried any artwork of the same subject or style. No, I’m not suggestion you copy them, but to experiment and expand beyond your routine.

Historic places like old houses, courthouses, city halls, and archaeological zones are amazing places for inspiration. Old things normally have amazing textures and more color variation. Historic places will often give you insight in how people used to live which you can express in your photography. Archaeological zones will often have great artifacts you can photograph for a small donation.