Origami Real Hustle

Using Origami, the traditional Nipponese art of paper folding the con artist charges £2 to turn a £5, £10 or £20 note into a gorgeous looking sculpture.

This is most likely one of the cons that con men will feel safer carrying out as they know they are not likely to be caught. Before finding a busy market place or high street, the con man will cut pound notes in half and then fold them. He is sacrificing his very own money – but he knows he’ll make a profit before the end of the day. When a purchaser is drawn in they are given the details. It’ll cost £2 for them to have a sweet looking pound note – well that is what they think.

When the note is handed over the con man proceeds to work and he folds the note up. When the note is folded in a corresponding way to the pre-prepared half notes, he reaches into his bag and switches the notes by taking out a rolling / flattening device, but the mark is none the wiser.

The wonderful thing about this con is that when the purchaser walks away with their nice looking note, they are not sure to unfold it and discover it’s turned from a full note to a valueless half note.

A clever con that one well, now you know what it is don’t believe it. There are loads of these street scams going on in towns and cities the world over. Be prepared and get protected over at the Real Hustle [http://www.real-hustle.com].