Letter Tattoo Designs in Three Easy Steps For the Ultimate in Word Tattoos

Literary and word tattoo designs are some of the hottest out there. There is definitely a growing trend for letter tattoo designs. However, finding the right saying, the best location on the body and what type of fonts or script to get the design ink done in can be a challenge. This mini guide will help you break down the process for getting your own letter tattoo design quickly and easily.

Choosing The Saying
The first thing that you will want to do of course is choose a saying. Often if you are even thinking about getting a written tattoo saying or design you probably have some ideas in your head already. It might be a favorite poem, a biblical verse or even the names of your children or a significant person in your life. It is best to choose something that is significant and holds power to you and something that you think it timeless. For example getting the name of your current girlfriend of the week is definitely a bad idea. However, a saying or something to remember a lost loved one by is something that will hold true to the test of time.

If you are at a loss of ideas the best thing to do is to wait and do some deep and personal searching for ideas. It is best not to just want the tattoo so badly that you go with any old saying that your friends or the tattoo artist recommends. This will not hold much meaning or significance for you in the long run. However, if you kind of know the general idea of what you want to say or even have a rough quote but you are not 100% sure of the exact saying, quote or poem then searching online can be very helpful. There are a ton of quote sites and you can often find the exact quote you want. If you can not locate it easily you might want to try one of the current questions sites like Yahoo Answers!

Choosing The Font

The second thing that you will want to consider carefully is the font. There are so many different styles of fonts out there to choose from. You can try looking through computerized font directories as a starting place. The even bigger question though is the overall look and feel of the font you want. For example are you looking for something in an old English font, a calligraphy font or a graffiti style. Once you get the rough and general look of the font you want then you can narrow it down by searching online font directories or even a tattoo design site which many have a ton of great tattoo specific fonts already loaded to them. A third option is to take the ideas to a professional tattoo artist and see what they can do with it. Many tattoo artists can do incredible freehand lettering and embellishments super easily and quickly and they look great.

Choosing The Location

Last but not least you will want to choose th location on your body. In fact this might be a first step also as the location is super important. It plays a significant role in the size of the tattoo design and the amount of detail you can get done in the tattoo. Typically a small tattoo design should be less intricate then a design where there is a larger amount of canvas or skin. So a foot letter tattoo is going to be much more simple and have less embellishments then a large upper back lettering tattoo. The size and location can also play a role in how much text or how many words you can easily fit into the space. Therefore the location is super important to the overall design.