Jobs for Felons in Visual Communications – How To Find Cutting Edge Employment for Felons

Are you an ex-offender looking for job opportunities for felons? When it comes to searching for jobs for felons, you need to understand two things: yourself and the job market. If you don’t want to get stuck working at low-paying jobs for felons you need to acquire skills that are in high demand. One of the hottest jobs for felons is in the field of study right now is visual communications.

What is visual communications?

As the name itself suggests, visual communications is transmitting or communicating messages through visual media like signs, drawings, graphic designs, illustrations, animations and other such media.

Graduates of graphic communication programs are skilled in the design and production of both digital and print media that are used in corporate and public communications. Their work typically involves creating and designing print and multimedia communications. Many work as graphic designers and web designers.

This career is suitable for people who are creative and visually artistic. Since you will be working with clients to either draw attention to a message or to sell products, you need to be the type of person who is easy to talk to and can translate abstract ideas into concrete visuals. This type of job also requires a person who is outgoing. People who are too shy to talk in public will find it hard to present and sell their work to clients.

In visual communications, computers and software are the main tools you will be using everyday. This means that you should be the type of person who is willing to keep on learning. You will have to master different types of media or software as the current tools become outdated and newer technologies become popular.

Visual communications is a good career path for ex-felons because this is one field where people will care more about what you can do for them now than what you have done in the past.

Most graphic designers and web designers work freelance, which means that you can be your own boss. That’s why there are numerous job opportunities for felons in visual communications. Your felony will be irrelevant because almost none of your clients will do background checks since you won’t be employed by them – you will be self-employed.

How does that work?

The majority of both small and big businesses do not need the services of a visual artist or designer daily so they will not have a designer on their payroll. Instead, they will just hire a freelance designer whenever they need a new design for a logo, advertisement, product packaging, website, online store, etc.

You, as a freelance graphic communications expert, will hire yourself out to many different clients and you will be paid according to the tasks or projects that you finish.

The main advantage to freelance job opportunities for felons is that you can enjoy a lot of freedom and flexibility in your work week. You will be your own boss and manage your projects independently.

If this prospect does not appeal to you, there is also the option of working a regular job at companies or organizations that do need designers daily. The companies that hire visual and graphic communications graduates are advertising firms, magazines, newspapers, book publishers, online news media companies, film studios, computer game design companies, etc.

Jobs for Felons: How to Get a Job in Visual Communications

Although it is certainly possible to teach yourself the basics of visual communications, employers and clients prefer people who have a certification, diploma or degree in visual communications.

When choosing a school and a visual and graphic communications program, examine the course description to see what it will focus on. Then choose the one that best fits your interests and goals. For example, if you are interested in multimedia 3D animation, choose a visual communications program that has basic and advanced animation subjects.

Schools generally offer short-term certificate programs, two-year associate degrees and four-year bachelor’s degree programs. If you graduate from a shorter program then you can get a job faster but you will probably have to start with the lower-paying jobs. A bachelor’s degree may help you start with the higher-paying jobs after graduation, especially if you want to work for the big companies.

In closing, visual communication jobs for felons are the best choice for people who are artistic, creative and outgoing. You will need a diploma or degree in visual communications to get the best jobs for felons. The main advantage to visual communication jobs for felons is that there are many job opportunities for felons available that pay well.