Is Someone Using a Wireless Device for Eavesdropping on You Right Now?

Snooping and eavesdropping are occurring more often these days and someone could be eavesdropping on you right now. What is the definition of eavesdropping?Merriam-Webster defines passive or just eavesdropping as listening to a private conversation. Another source defines it as unauthorized real-time interception of a private communication. There are obviously a number of ways one may describe eavesdropping. Well, is it legal or illegal to eavesdrop? According to eavesdropping laws, it’s a crime if a person secretly uses an electronic device to record, overhear, or transmit a private conversation with no consent of parties to listen to what is being said. The new law that Illinois passed makes it illegal to engage in surreptitious recording, transcribing, or recording of a private communication with no permission of all parties. The law is pretty clear: without prior consent, eavesdropping secretly is a crime and punishable as such. Here are some indicators for determining if there are bugs in your home:

1) Do you hear sirens often when you say anything about the FBI? 2) Do you hear a small plane flying over your home at the oddest and earliest times, if you are restless in bed? 3) Do you hear cars going up and down your street very early in the morning, if you get up to go to the bathroom? 4) If you criticize the US government, do you hear increased traffic around your house? 5) If you say anything provocative, do you hear sirens almost immediately? 6) If you say a critical remark regarding the FBI, does anyone in your family become defensive? (Your family, under duress, may be planting bugs behind your back, inside your purse or backpack, etc.)

If you think some people are eavesdropping, don’t rule out the possibility that your nearest neighbor may be involved in illegal eavesdropping. So, what can you do if there are bugs in your house? You have a few options. You may shop for a bug detector, which I personally did with no success: the bug detector I bought could not zero in on the planted bugs. Or you may hire a bug sweeping professional. Do not hire an investigator who provides a bug sweeping service, for s/he does this only part-time and probably is not using state-of-the-art bug sweeping equipment. Hire only a business that specializes in bug sweeping; the business may charge more but it will do a better job and give you a report summarizing what was discovered in your home. You want a professional bug sweeper. With proof, now you may advance to the next step and consult to your lawyer on legal proceedings. Without proof of someone eavesdropping, no lawyer can do anything for you. You need hard evidence to prove that illegal eavesdropping is being done at your residence. So, get the proof and then act.