Ground Kembativz: Street Solutions to Common MMA Set-Ups With Kelly McCann

“Ground Kembativz: Street Solutions to Common MMA Set-Ups” with Kelly McCann is volume six of the “Kelly McCann’s Crucible High-Risk Environment Training” series. In this DVD, produced by Paladin Press, McCann addresses how to deal with some of the more common situations you may face if you must fight an opponent with MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) skills, regardless if they train in MMA, or just happen to be a brawler who has picked a few things up along the way.

If you want straight forward, no frills, solid instruction on self-defense combatives, you won’t go wrong learning from Kelly McCann. He’s a straight shooter, who calls it like he sees it, and who focuses on combatives for those who must use the skills when it really counts. He does not teach “martial arts” or competition skills, he teaches based on the Crucible’s motto, “Nothing we do is competition legal, because your life’s no game.” This DVD is McCann’s answer, or his street solutions, to some of the more popular MMA set-ups or attacks.

The program is filmed in what appears to be the Crucible’s garage. There is a car with “Crucible” on the door behind McCann. It is also a bit dark, but not where you cannot see the instruction clearly. But it was not filmed in Paladin’s studio. The filming is done very well, with clear picture and sound, and there are other scenes and information added into the program to make points and add variety. There is also a good menu system so you can find the sections you want to review and practice easily. So the production values are very good.

But what makes this DVD really valuable is the instruction. McCann opens with an introduction that has him leaning against the car and looking through some notes as he describes why he made this DVD and the differences between MMA and the street. After the intro, McCann goes into the set-ups or situations he addresses in the program. These include: The Clinch, Takedowns, Muay Thai Leg Kick, The Triangle Choke, The Rear Naked Choke, The Armbar, Standing Armbars, and The Mount Position. He then just closes with a couple short words at the end of the mount position section.

Most of the DVD has McCann teaching responses and things to do against the attacks listed above, but in a couple of section he teaches offensive tools such as his variation of the Muay Thai leg kick and a quick standing arm bar. Some of the defenses involve drawing a knife and cutting your way out, but McCann does stress that these responses are only for the most serious situations.

This program is an excellent companion to McCann’s other combatives DVDs, such as “Jim Grover’s Combatives” series, “Situational Self-Offense,” and his other Crucible programs. It covers additional techniques and strategies to address some of the attacks one might face on the street. I highly recommend this DVD and all of McCann’s programs.