Great News: These Apps Now Free to Download

Many of the greatest and best apps that you could have bought last year, are now for free. Some people don’t mind paying for their apps, as long as it’s worth spending the money. However, now these apps, you will be able to get for free. These are well-known apps that you will enjoy working with. Here are a list of some of the best apps that people paid for, that are now free to download for everyone.


Hyperlapse is a popular app among Instagram users. This is an app to create really amazing time lapse videos that you can add to Instagram. With this app, you can use Instagram’s in-house stabilisation, and Hyperlapse shoots.

The one feature that makes this a great program is the fact that you can shoot handheld time lapse videos in motion. You can do this while you are walking, running, jumping or even falling. Some of the other great features include:

  • You will be able to smooth out your video for cinematic quality with a great automatic stabilisation;
  • It will also be able to speed up your Hyperlapse to be a speed of up to 12 times the normal speed;
  • And, you can download and start using immediately. You don’t need to sign up to anything.

My Rec

My Rec is great for those who like to do recordings. This app is to manage all your audio recordings. The app is easy and fast to use. And, the best part is that this app is now free to download.

You can use this app for voice memos, it is able to record calls and to save reminders. You can even use this app to record lectures or meetings where you need to make notes from. This recording app has many features that you will not find with any other recorder, like;

  • It delivers high quality recordings for up to 44Khz / 320 kbps;
  • This app is an app that you can instantly use. All that you need to do, is to open the app and start using it.
  • You can register anonymously for more privacy and it can also record in the background.
  • With this app you will not have a limit to the recording length, like some of the other recording apps.

Sketch Hack

If you are looking for a great app that you can get now for free, then the Sketch Hack is the one app that you should download now.

We know that there are many different types of apps for sketching on your phone, but not all of them are as great as this one. This isn’t just another drawing app, this is one of the best drawing app that you can now get for free. And, these features will prove that this is the app for the creative person:

  • You will have access to more than 90 different types of brushes;
  • There are unlimited of undo’s and redo’s if you have made a mistake with your drawing;
  • You can add as many layers as what your smartphone or tablet could handle;
  • It will even auto save your work, automatically. This will happen frequently, so you don’t have to worry about losing your drawing, when your app shut down, accidentally.