God Statues Exporters Seek Divine Intervention

You talk to God, you’re religious. God talks to you, you’re psychotic. – Doris Egan

Recent reports say that the environmentalists are urging the ganesha idol makers to go green on this ganesh chaturthi. In this festival the household idols are carried to the sea shore, where they are immersed into the seabed. Environmentalists don’t have an issue with this concept, though they have a certain discomfort with the material used in the idol making. Usually plaster of paris is used to give the idol a robust look and shape whereas environmentalists insist on using clay and green paints.

This festival also give us an opportunity to take a quick glance on the statue making industry. In India gods and goddess statues are in great demand. These statues make up for 70% of the statues made in the india, just next to the politicians. Just like any other art form, sculpture industry thrives on its patrons. In the past Indian sculpture artists too depended on the royal patrons however with commercialization and corporate money being pumped into it, this industry is now breathing a new lease of life.

Why Gods Statues Are So Popular

As per ancient Hindu scriptures, god sculptures add to the well being of one’s house and is also a great source of decoration. These statues are usually made up of marble, brass or wood. They are usually priced as per the material used and craftsmanship. Some of the most popular god statues include goddess Lakshmi statue, Marble religious statues, marble temples, marble temple of Ram Darbar, Jesus Christ statue, stone carving of Lord Ganesha etc. Out of these Lord Ganesha’s statue is one of the most popular and common sculpture which could be found in almost all the Hindu household.

The Chinese Threat

God statues exporters specially from India and other Asian countries benefit from the fact that such talent is very costly in the west and with the help of internet these guys have been able to grab a torrent of orders from Europe and North America. Masons set themselves to mastering the needs of foreigners, and offer them sculpture as per their requirement at unbeatable prices.

China in its attempt to improve their market share, manufactures such statues in bulk at throw away prices and is threatening to put other sculptors out of work. Recession did slow down their pace a bit, though the signs of revival are for every one to see.

The Passing Shot

Across the globe, sculptors produce permanent works of art and work on a variety of materials like stone, bronze, clay, wood, metal, steel etc. While making sculptures, sculptors use different techniques and methods such as tempera, sandblasting, enamel and oil-painting. One of the limitation with the gods statue makers is that they cant experiment much keeping the religious feeling in mind.

God sculptures have been an important part of our ancient life. They depict our culture and traditions and reveal the history of legends and important figures as well. God statues exporters not only bring forex to the country, they are also preserving an art form and spreading it beyond the borders.