For the Non-Professional Movie Production

Windows Movie Maker:

Generally the movie productions are used to refer to the large screen movies and the TV shows. But this is a guide for those who wish to make small movies at home with the clippings or pictures available. This can be for personal purposes or for the screening for private audience, thus with no professional or commercial motive. It is quite easy to create one’s own cute movies with audios and visuals, thanks to the Windows Movie Maker. It is software which comes in default with the Windows operating systems. Though the basic version is present in all the computers operating on the Windows platform, advanced versions can be downloaded for free from the internet. Here is a detailed procedure for making short movies with much ease.

Getting Started with Home Movie Production:

Prior to starting the movie production with Windows Movie Maker, it will be advisable if the interested person has decided a theme for their movie and collected necessary short videos, audio files, and images. It is never a herculean task if the person is focused and does enough browsing to collect the suitable ‘ingredients’ for their movie. Paint Shop Pro or other similar drawing software like Photoshop, Coral draw or the Windows paint can be used if one wishes to add their own image like wordings, block diagrams, or anything. This is just an additional source and can be skipped if the individual is not interested. Armed with the above mentioned sources, making one’s movie becomes almost a child’s play as the Windows Movie Maker is very user-friendly. Open the software and import all the required audio, video and the image files. Using the storyboard at the bottom of the window, drag and drop the images or videos in the sequence one wishes to have. It can be frequently checked by playing the movie and visualizing the flow. Audio files which can be either the music files or the voice recorded ones can be inserted after considering the length of the movie created with the video files. After making the final checks the ‘Save Movie’ option can be clicked to save the fragmented files of the storyboard as a complete movie in the .avi format which is supported by the Windows Media player.

Making Money with Windows Movie Maker:

The above explained procedure deals with the most basic operations that can be executed in the Windows Movie Maker. It can be very useful to the ones looking for simple, cheap, and amateur software to assist in their video marketing techniques. Branding the PLR videos will help the affiliate marketers to earn more money and also to stay distinct from their counterparts. The editing features of the Windows Movie Maker can be employed to their best use for trimming and re-arranging the PLR videos. Making the right efforts will enable one to convince their customers to feel that the video is an original from the marketer. Adding one’s own voice at the background, and other effects will be more impressive.