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Gallery is defined as a room or series of rooms where works of art are exhibited for public. From early ages various forms of art like sculpture, illustrations, installation art and paintings are displayed in galleries. They are primarily concerned with hosting artistic activities and promote art among the public.

Galleries, a permanent collection of art, are classified into public and private galleries. The latter sort of gallery is intended by a privately-owned for profit motive that is also known as the contemporary art gallery. Contemporary art gallery has become popular now-a-days. Here art lovers can purchase works of art and add to their collections. On contrary, artist can sell their work. Contemporary galleries exhibit a wide range of works but often limit their presentation to one or two of the many genres.

New and famous art are exhibited to the public in these galleries for entertainment and interpretation. Many art lovers swarm to this place to know more about art and artist. They enrich themselves with the contemporary ideas and new forms of art. Every year massive audience and educational tours pay visit to well known galleries and make acquaintance with new work of arts. London gallery is one such famous Art Gallery where hundreds of visitors come to know about arts. Scores of unsung artists get an opportunity to display their work and launch their career through galleries. Gallery has adopted new technology tools to display works of art and also to provide a better understanding. Keen audience and artist can embrace this means to acquire more information related to art. Moreover, the role of gallery is changing that reflects the extra ordinary expansion of artistic skills. Additionally, art lovers can peruse, judge and can purchase them if they find the work appreciative.

Thus, one can interpret gallery as a horizon where art and art lovers meet for sake of art.