Exterior Paint Options For Volunteer Projects

For the philanthropically inclined, a volunteer project that combines painting outdoors and teamwork is a great opportunity to make a difference and paint something beautiful. There is no shortage of options when considering a volunteer exterior painting project, so be creative! Make sure to use your good sense and discuss all plans with the individuals whom you wish to serve, and treat each project as vitally important to achieving your volunteer goals. Here are just a few suggestions for your next exterior painting project:

— Paint a map of the United States of America: Many have seen these maps on playground blacktops of local elementary and middle schools, full of color, patriotism, and wonder. It’s true; the classic painted map of the United States of America is a perfect option for volunteer groups of seven or more individuals and will be sure to provide teachers with an aesthetically pleasing object to look at during recess and kids with an inspirational and fun place to play blacktop games. Because of the space and effort needed, a painted map of the United States should only be undertaken with a large crew and a lot of exterior paint. First, have detail-oriented volunteers sketch the outline of the US and the borders of the individual states (don’t forget Alaska and Hawaii!) Then, tape down all of the marked borders with masking tape, running the tape just over the width of the lines that were sketched. Finally, mix your exterior paint, and coat between the masking tape with two coats of exterior color of your choice. When this paint has dried, remove the masking tape and fill in your borders. Your completed project will be enjoyed by students for years to come

— Paint over unwanted graffiti: This is a tricky endeavor. Because graffiti is an expression of artistic sensibility and unrest as well as a tactic of gangs to mark territory, you risk offending a local artist and ruining a work of art if you cover up graffiti. Likewise, you may be endangering yourself if you accidentally cover up the work of a local gang. Your best option is to try and hook up with a local gang task force and see which areas are safest and most beneficial for you to paint over. Similarly, talk with the owner of the property to ensure that the area you will be painting over is not going to offend anyone. Use a base color of white to prime the graffiti first then follow it with exterior paint that the property owner has chosen for you.

— Repaint Traffic and Road Markings: Clearly this project needs to be done with the consent and advice of local community leaders and the police force, but for a locally owned store or elementary school, an offer to repaint traffic markings like speed bumps and parking spaces shows a pragmatic eye and may be the type of useful volunteer project that could endear you to local officials and property owners. Make sure you discuss all planned repainting with property owners and officials and create a plan for your work project.

Making a difference in your world need not be tedious or boring. With the right mindset and creativity you can turn your exterior paint project into a volunteer’s expression of love and joy for their community.