Check Out Free Book – The Venus De Milo Murders

Consider the prose of Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer series, together with more versions of the female body than you’ll have seen in a very long time, and you’ll begin to have an idea of the great thriller you’ll experience when you listen to, or read, Dennis Manuel’s Blood From A Stone: The Venus de Milo Murders! Personally, I loved the whole package! Highly recommended for mystery and suspense lovers!

Tommy Fallon, Tifa and Nicole are the good guys on this side of the ocean, together with Gilles, a French policeman. Most of the other characters are bad guys, even the cops! For in the art world, where few can tell the difference between fakes and real works, you can never assume that any transaction will be legal or ethical…

Tommy, a former cop and now owner of a security system company is called in to investigate when a murdered woman is found in the sculpture garden of Jack Danner, a billionaire art dealer. Why? Because in order for the body to have been found within his grounds, either the security system failed or was compromised! With a promise of blackmail that would ruin Tommy’s business, as well as a promised $2 million, Mr. Danner forces Tommy to investigate who and why the body was placed on his property. Tommy is sent to France to begin his investigation. Although Mr. Danner does not explain why or what he is to find, he does give him the name of the French artist with whom he normally transacted business.

Tifa, his assistant/partner in business is set to work in America, to try to learn more about Mr. Danner’s reputation in the art world and who might want to harm him. Nicole, his lover, a cop, and also partner with Detective Lubrani, the cop who caused Tommy to leave the force years ago, agreed to share as much information as was possible.

For the woman who had been found in the sculpture garden was not just murdered, she had been butchered-her body cut to match the famous Venus de Milo sculpture! But, this wasn’t the first time this had been done! In fact, it was the earlier murders years ago by the Venus di Milo serial killer, and the inability to find him that had caused Tommy to leave the police force.

The story leads back into the time when Nazis were capturing not only cities but also all of the wealth through the theft of art! As more murders occur in America, Tommy faces his own dangers as he works to discover what Danner had done in his past to bring about the hatred needed to rekindle the Venus de Milo murders. Is it the same serial killer? Is it a copycat? How and why is Danner being targeted to receive the bodies, and possibly the blame for their deaths?

Remember that you can “experience” this book via audio with characters who will dramatize and act out the book for you or you can read the book as text. I did both and recommend you listen to the story “live” as the narrator sets the stage for the exciting parts with his voice!

This story is sexy, sophisticated and especially suspenseful in audio format! Either way you are going to be caught up in a strange and gruesome mystery. I know one thing I couldn’t have done-I couldn’t have waited to have this story chapter by chapter-it is a page-turner that will entrance and excite! Thoroughly enjoyable madness and mayhem!

Blood From A Stone:
The Venus de Milo Murders
By Dennis Manuel
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