Characteristics of the Zodiac Mercury in Pisces

The Sun is given the most credit when it comes to the zodiac. It is the information people give out when someone else asks “what’s your sign?” But the other planets of the zodiac have importance that shouldn’t be thrown away. Mercury influences how a person thinks and how that is portrayed to the outside world. Learning, communication and expression are all housed here. It also dictates whether a person moves through life with a strong sense of direction or a tendency to detour.

Those who are born with their Mercury in Pisces have a mind that is highly emotional and receptive. They follow their heart and intuition rather than the reasoning and logic of their head. Details of everyday life can’t hold their attention and they turn to dreams and fantasies, making their thoughts somewhat impractical and unfinished. When things turn out other than how they had imagined, there is a surprised disappointment – even if their perceived result was impossible from the start. These people are not world weary, jaded and cynical people. They have their rose-colored glasses and their head in the clouds where they like them.

The arts will have a strong affect on these persons, especially music and visual arts. There is likely to be an aptitude for creation as well as an appreciation and knowledge of art. They can tune in to sounds, notes, colors and shapes as if they were another of the senses. It is likely that they will pick up their artistic talents early in life and excel at them quickly. The art will become the connecting thread between the dreamer in the clouds and the solid ground and the people that live there. The dreamer has trouble speaking to those people that are mired in reality and it is often easier for these persons to express themselves artistically than verbally.

One reason their verbal communication is stunted is their extreme sensitivity. Any slight can leave them moody and pessimistic. But this sensitivity can also give them great insight into the minds and lives of others and provide them a capability for empathy. Naive, gentle and trusting they do tend to see the good in others before the bad – if they ever see the bad at all. This can lead to them being tricked, lied to or misled. This vulnerability permeates all of their relationships.

Understandably, they may have a great deal of trouble acquiring and maintaining a stable romantic relationship. Those with their Mercury in Pisces seem to live on another planet and have very thin skins – hard characteristics for another person to meld with. A partner would have to be more practical or else nothing solid would ever get done in the relationship but they must also understand the Piscean need to be fluid. The partner must also refrain from hurtful language because it will wound deeper than they could ever realize. And sullen, wounded dreamers won’t be able to find their inspiration to create the artistic masterpieces that are in their nature.