Best Secure Web Browser: Pale Moon Review

Pale Moon is a faster version of Firefox. The developers who have created Pale Moon claim that this web browser performs 25 percent faster than Mozilla Firefox. This software is the work of a single individual using open source code to create a full featured web browser that is able to achieve a significant increase in speed and efficiency. This program is based on the latest Firefox 4 code, so you can take advantage of the latest features that have been included.

This revolutionary web browser is available for Windows platforms and utilizes most of the extensions and plugins from Firefox. It was created by M.C. Straver, a Dutch developer. The main difference between these two browsers is that Pale Moon is open source, which means that anyone can work with the code behind the application. This program discards a lot of old applications and plug-ins to run significantly faster.

Now available for free download, this innovative web browser aims to not waste computer resources and power on inefficient programs. Pale Moon uses less memory than Firefox and provides significant speed increases for script processing and page drawing. The browser doesn’t offer accessibility features or parental control, but you can install third party applications. Some of its key characteristics are:

• Support for Firefox themes and add-ons
• High reliability and stability
• High speed rates in scripting and page rendering
• Uses less memory because of disabled redundant code
• 100% Firefox sourced
• Highly optimized for current processors
• Displays web pages correctly
• Bookmark manager
• Password manager
• The ability to use existing Firefox bookmarks and settings

Although it is based on Firefox code, this web browser differs in several concepts, including legacy hardware support, user interface, and performance optimization. When using Pale Moon, you can take full advantage of the latest features of Firefox while benefiting from enhanced performance. The browser was developed by the same person who has been creating builds of Firefox and other Mozilla programs — SeaMonkey and Thunderbird – optimized for specific processors.

The browser’s latest versions provide more freedom of choice than Mozilla about how people want to use the Web. Pale Moon offers the same levels of security as Firefox. It has a user friendly interface featuring a status bar that displays add-ons and progress indicators. The tab bar is preserved below the other toolbars in the application. If you use this browser, you may have to wait awhile to enjoy the latest features developed by Mozilla, but you will notice a significant boost in performance.