Arteast Gallery in Ukraine

There are many galleries in Kiev – the capital of Ukraine. The life of any city is unthinkable without the creative components. The uniqueness of a metropolis is largely determined by not only the sights and architecture, but also its cultural life.

Kievis no exception. Many even consider the capital of Ukraine as the best city for the artist throughout the former Soviet Union. Art people here feel like a fish in water. Constant performances, exhibitions, open-air – in Kiev will not be bored or connoisseur, or creator.

Kievis the birthplace of many famous painters, sculptors, writers, and therefore quite natural that there are wide variety of the fruits of their creativity. Therefore, the picture of Kiev is the center around which revolves Ukrainian elite.

One of the most famous Kiev galleries is Arteast Gallery. It is located in the heart of the city, on street Reitarskaya. It housed the ballet and opera studio, famous, incidentally, far beyond Ukraine. Already in those days, “House on Reitarskaya” earned a reputation of “Ukrainian bohemian club.” Today the Arteast Gallery can rightly be considered the successor to “store the spirit of creativity.”

Arteast Gallery in Kiev is recognized by many connoisseurs of the best collections of paintings in Ukraine. It is one of the first in the country was engaged in selling works of Ukrainian painting and sculpture. Today the basis of the exposition gallery is works of Ukrainian artists. Work presented in the gallery covers many areas: from classical to avant-garde of modern art to social realism.