Andrew Chase Metal Sculpture

Andrew Chase is a sculptor in his free time, and is a commercial photographer as well as furniture maker career in Salt Lake City where he also lives with his family and cats. Andrew is an assemblage artist who creates metal sculptures created from recycled auto and plumbing pieces, and takes anywhere from 80 to 120 hours from beginning to completion.

Cheetah is a piece of metal sculpture that Chase has created, weighing in at almost 50 pounds. Construction is made up of many different transmission pieces, steel and electrical conduits that he reclaimed. This piece is completely moveable and offers each joint the possibility of creating a new position. With green eyes staring into the abyss, Cheetah is a magnificent creature brought to life by the skilled hands of on Andrew Chase.

Elephant is yet another piece of fantastic metal sculpture created by Chase. With moveable ears, this African elephant weighs in at 110 pounds and took almost 100 hours to create. Made from cold rolled steel, plumbing pipes as well as transmission parts and electrical conduit, the elephant’s joints will all move and lock into place. A gear on the side winds a small cable that allows the trunk to be raised and lowered for your enjoyment. Sitting, standing or raring up on hind quarters, Elephant is a tribute to the beauty of what can be created when articulation meets reclaimed materials.

Andrew Chase created Giraffe from sheet steel, transmission parts, plumbing pipes and conduit to allow for realistic movement. A removable crank allows the neck to rise, while lifting the tail will lower the neck. Each joint is moveable and will lock into place for positioning, as his blue eyes look at you with wonderment. Recycled gears and cogs work together to create yet another metal sculpture masterpiece.

Andrew Chase offers his works for sale across the internet, and accepts commissioned pieces as well. One gallery in particular holds these three pieces, and can be contacted about their purchase. With so many wonderful pieces of exquisite art created from an array of metal sculpture media, choosing one may be a hard task. Andrew has many years of welding and furniture construction to aid him in the highly talented and breathtaking collections he has created over the years. Throughout his career as a photographer, Chase has come into contact with many creatures that exhibited a feature or expression which he still carries to this day. The inspiration for his carefully crafted metal sculptures comes not only from the pictures he has taken, but from the depths of his heart where the creatures still frolic.

The next time you come across a sheet of metal, an old transmission or see a plumbing job being completed, Andrew Chase will come to mind. His media is chosen by taking some of the least recycled materials and putting new life into them through his art. These pieces would make any collector proud to own, and will add new life to any collection.