Ancient Wisdom

In the martial arts or any combative type system, relaxation, calmness under physical attack is a vitally important factor to master, deep breathing techniques is considered a proven way to do just that. It’s not the only thing though but, it is a highly desired skill to acquire. Notice I said skill not technique that is because in my mind learning how to breath properly under stress or not as the case may be, does take time to understand and master the principles in order for it to be effective which means, being able to use it to your advantage in any given situation.

Plus, the benefits to your health are many that’s why deep breathing has been used for many centuries in different cultures around the world for example, Buddhist monks, martial artists, shaolin monks, and other religions for meditation, relaxation and spiritual health because they all recognize the importance of how deep breathing exercises can benefit your health in other ways conventional therapies cannot. Therefore, I thought I would give you a brief introduction to deep breathing and pure air.

In short, the very first essential step in securing radiant health and strength is deep breathing of pure air preferably outside. Why? Because nearly all past and present physical trainers agree that deep breathing helps you to become and stay healthy it also increases your vitality as well. Sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is and they all understood this fact and its true value. However when you combine other elements such as: exercise and outdoor pursuits with pure air, good food and water you have a winning combination. In fact deep breathing is the foundation of physical culture. Not only that, but in can help improve your health if you suffer from some form of illness in fact, deep breathing has made many sick people well again.

Moreover, drawing deep breaths of air into your lungs through your nose and expelling it out your mouth using your diaphragm not your chest to drain air into the lungs. By expanding the diaphragm it produces suction within the chest cavity which causes the in-flow of air into the lungs, (Inhalation). Relaxing the diaphragm air is forced out of the lungs (exhalation). In other words, inhale to get life-giving oxygen, exhale to expel unwanted poisonous carbon dioxide.

Try this exercise in the morning preferably outside, or try opening a window inhale deeply through your nose try to fill your entire body with clean pure air feel your abdomen start to rise not your chest remember, inhale all the way from head to toe expand. Once you cannot inhale any further try to take a further breath then hold for a count of six seconds then begin to exhale nice and slowly. As you exhale squeeze down on your abdomen make a whoosh sound as you do this whilst giving your abdomen an extra hard squeeze. Continue until all the air is expelled no air should be left in your lungs. Now start over again.

You’ll find that your energy levels start to rise over time practice at least six times whilst standing upright. It’s a great way to start the day or recharge your batteries and rid yourself of stress. Done properly it massages the internal organs and your core muscles but to reap the best rewards you must practice every day if you can.

Word of warning though, please do not try this if you have any health issues consult a qualified physician before attempting any of the exercises described herein. It’s just plain common sense as well as, ancient wisdom.