Alexander Wraith – A Rising Star

My first interview with the multi-talented American film actor, director and writer, Alexander Wraith.

It’s been less than a minute since I was first introduced to Hollywood’s fast-rising star at the door of his LA hotel suite and already he gifts me with a pair of cool customized Converse, but nothing is standard about Alex Wraith. From his crazed and surreal childhood to his unlikely emergence as an imaginative genius able to learn and adapt to virtually anything with in a few hours, Wraith’s journey to the threshold of Hollywood’s A-list and elite, has defied convention every step of the way.

Wraith grew up in Englewood, New Jersey a predominantly Jewish, black and Latino neighborhood, he faced a tough childhood, one of three children to a hard-nosed war vet father and an even more unforgiving mother, always on the move from city to city, town to town across the country – His parents trying to find the American dream. The problem was Alexander never had a base or set group of friends so he was always the outcast and new kid. Eventually that took its toll on him and he started getting in trouble. After living on and off the streets for many years Alexander found his release in the arts.

Alexander has written and starred in some amazing ground breaking horror movies of the last few years with GRAYSTONE and is now about to make his directorial debut in TWEED. He is part of a group of filmmakers dubbed the Splat Pack, because of their association and their focus on the horror genre. Wraith is known for making violent, low-budget horror films and for bringing back the R rating to horror movies at a time when studios are mostly producing PG-13.

Not only is this up-and-coming actor going to be appearing in several highly anticipated upcoming films, but he is also a martial artist, a sculpture and as he says “anything you want me to be”.

Since being picked off the stage by a casting agent during his performance of Macbeth, this well rounded hunk has already planted his feet firmly on the path to Hollywood stardom. Based on the hype surrounding SAVAGES starring John Travolta and WALL STREET 2 starring Shia Labeouf, Alexander passed the test of standing toe to toe with some of Hollywood’s best, we’re betting that by the time the film SAVAGES releases on September, this guy is going to start raking in some serious box office cash, Wraith should be well on his way to becoming the next Hollywood leading man and Action star. In addition to his upcoming fall releases, TWEED which will be shot in New Jersey has got some big buzz and even bigger anticipation.. With Wraith’s devilish good looks and incredible built physique it’s no wonder that this multi-talented actor is stealing the spotlight. Alexander is quickly proving he has the talent to back up his steamy good looks. Expect to see a lot of this Hollywood hunk over the next few years.