Acrylic Painting – The Technique That Has Changed the Art of Painting

As the man has evolved, he brought the effects of evolution in the field of science and technology. From the method of calculation to the art of painting, every thing has got a new angle to it by which the human kind would be benefited or feels at ease with their work. Acrylic painting is such a genre that has completely revolutionized the world of painters, as it has its unique style that would not be possible to achieve with any other form of medium. Its uniqueness lies in its capacity to copy other forms of work and maintain its own qualities at the same time.

Difference of acrylic painting in comparison to others!

* Acrylic painting is one of the newest techniques in the field of painting, and is becoming increasingly popular among the painters. Why acrylic painting is so popular is because when the paint is diluted in proper proportions and mixed with the acrylic gel it gains a characteristic feature that is unattainable with any other form of media.

* If the dilution is a little high and the concentration of the acrylic gel is mixed in accurate measure, then the acrylic painting done with it resembles the watercolor painting. However, unlike watercolor paintings the acrylic paintings done are resistant to water after they dry up, and hence less prone to water damage.

* The acrylic painting may even resemble an oil painting depending upon the material or composition of the acrylic paint, and would serve the same purpose as one of the oil or canvas paintings. However, unlike oil paintings acrylic paints dry up quickly and allow less time for the blending of colors. Even the paints used in acrylic painting don’t need to be removed with the use of mineral spirits, and if they get old, the acrylic paintings do not lose their flexibility.

Drawbacks of acrylic painting!

Though the technique may seem pretty far to reach, there are certain serious problems with the technique:

* The acrylic paintings need to be done with extreme precision with expert hands. The reason behind this is that the acrylic paints seem to dry off very soon than any other colors. This allows very little time for the painters to blend the color pigments properly, and unless the person knows the proper color combination, it would take him quite some time to figure out the right shade after having wasted lots of colors.

* The painting has to be completed at a tremendous pace, with very deft strokes on the texture, so that we get to finish the painting as desired, without the paints drying off in the midway and causing us trouble. This is considered rather problematic for many artists, who generally wait for the paint to blend by itself before drying up.

* Once the paint, in the process of acrylic painting, dries it becomes really difficult to get it removed from the surface. For this purpose, on various occasions we have damaged paint brushes and clothes, which have to be replaced with others.