4 Popular Web Design Trends

Web design is a creative field and the latest design trends continue to change and evolve. With the appearance of new technology and innovation, the ability to create the unique and functional sites become that much more possible. Here are a few of the popular web design trends:

Custom illustrations

Illustrations are a versatile solution to add unique visuals to the screen. The friendly and playful illustrations are a simple, yet effective way to include a touch of fun to the site. A skilled illustrator is easily able to create the designs that are fully tailored to match the tone and personality of the brand. With the online world becoming increasingly crowded, it can benefit to do something a little different to stand out. Plus, the custom illustrations can be used throughout the site, including custom iconography and header images.

Bold typography

The use of beautiful, bold and big typography has the ability to create the right tone, evoke emotion and create personality. With the sharper screen resolutions, the text is easier to read on-screen which makes it possible to design hand-rendered typography that is unique to any other designs. A great benefit of this is the option to use dynamic text that works in combination with parallax scrolling and image layering.

Authentic photography

The website built using authentic photography helps to create the most appealing and respected brands. Many sites rely on stock photos, but they are easily detected as not being original. Site designers are now putting more thought and effort into the imagery used on a site. By simply hiring the services of a skilled photographer it is possible to get the most authentic and custom photography that 100% matches the related content on the page.

Mobile-first approach

With the ever-growing popularity of mobile platforms, there are many sites that are built with a mobile-first approach. This design approach means that the limitation of the mobile platforms, such as the significantly smaller screen size is taken into account at the time of building the site. This can mean less content or information is on the screen, so it is essential to carefully consider the core message that needs to be communicated with the target audience. The websites can still include the extra content or visual bells and whistles, but this is reserved for larger screen devices.

Overall, with the right design principles put in place when working on a new website, it is possible to create something that is entirely unique and attracts the target audience.